Luverne’s Concertina Pilsner

Beer Details
  • ABV: 5.9%
  • IBU: 38
  • Grains: Pilsner, 2 Row, Vienna, CaraPils
  • Yeast: Lager
  • Hops: Saaz

MSB’s latest release harkens back to the year 1884 when early settlers from Minnesota traveled by horse & train to rural Owatonna where the Minnesota State Fair was being held. 1884 Saison celebrates that wonderful time with Its’ light & fruity Belgian Style beer often referred to as a “farmhouse ale” – a beer that honors those pioneers and the rich history of those times.

Luverne Wanous, member of the World Concertina Congress Hall of Fame, has entertained local and global fans with his concertina since 1952. MSB’s first pilsner pays tribute to Luverne’s legacy. We’re confident it hits all the right notes.