About Us

Our Goal

The goal of Mineral Springs Brewery is to bring fresh, locally brewed beer in a relaxed, family friendly environment to the people of Owatonna and Southern Minnesota.

MSB Named Entrepreneur of the year!

The Owatonna Area Business Development Center selected the founders of Mineral Springs Brewery to be an Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.  On Friday February 21, MSB was named the first recipient of this prestigious award.  MSB is deeply honored to be recognized.

MSB EOY FoundersMSB EOY 2020

The Mineral Springs Brewery Story

MSB, LLC is a microbrewery located in Owatonna, MN, doing business as Mineral Springs Brewery. MSB leverages the past working relationship of award winning brewers Tim Pelton, Jon Hilstad, and Matt Kottke and their collective efforts as Mineral Springs Brewery within the Owatonna community in the past decade.

The MSB brand is now assumed and owned by a small group of local investors: Rod Baker, Bill Cronin, Mark Knutson, Tim Pelton, and Mark Sebring, each with significant community engagement and relevant business experience. Collectively, these 5 founding members have more than 150 years of business experience and more than 200 years of community engagement in Owatonna and Steele County.

The market focus for MSB is the Southern Minnesota beer enthusiast seeking a casual and relaxing environment. MSB aspires to be a destination for friends to gather to enjoy affordable, great-tasting, locally-brewed beer.

At the heart of our mission is to create a positive, inviting environment for people to enhance and enjoy relationships with family and friends. To further serve that aspect of our purpose, we envision strong corporate support of local fundraising efforts, conducting on-site fundraisers and purpose-driven initiatives.

We want to ensure Owatonna has the best brewery experience imaginable. Keeping true to our core values and development of the community.

Here’s what we have to offer!
– 86 person inside seating, plus patio area (weather permitting)
– Sales of light, packaged snacks (no operational grill)
– Local food trucks and a variety of delivered food from local business (e.g., Evan’s Eatery, Nick’s Pizza)
– Range of 6-8 different beers on tap

Mineral Springs Brewery will be open year-round, though will operate on a limited weekly schedule.

Connected to Owatonna

Our newly remodeled building has been part of Owatonna for many generations!