Armond Alt Bier

Style - Pilsner

ABV - 4.8%

IBU - 21

Armond Rezac was a famed local musician, bringing Big Band sound to the area for decades dating back to the 1930s when he first learned piano. This European Alt Bier is aptly named for this famous Czech!

Style - Black IPA

ABV - 6.5%

IBU - 50

MSB's first black IPA followed Max Schauweker's recipe framework, and makes a fitting tribute to our friends in Blooming Prairie, at the southern-most edge of Steele County. This beer blossoms in an awesome way ... cheers!

Style - Ale

ABV - 4.4%

IBU - 17

Cinder Hill is a steep 60-foot hill on Linn Avenue overlooking downtown Owatonna. It’s commonly referred to as “Cinder Hill” because cinders from the power plant boilers were spread on the road to enable traffic to climb the hill. MSB’s Cinder Hill Cream Ale is a very drinkable, refreshing beer that would hit the spot after a few runs up and down Cinder Hill.

Style - Amber

ABV - 5.0%

IBU - 30

Back in the late-1950s, Emmett and Phyllis Jacobson built the structure now housing our brewery. To honor them, we’ve brewed a deep, copper-colored beer with a full-bodied, more pronounced malty caramel flavor. Cheers to Emmett & Phyllis!

Style - Helles

ABV - 6.0%

IBU - 20

Steele County’s rich farmland experiences the annual rituals of the harvest each fall, with the culmination for many referred to as ‘auger out’. This fall classic Helles style beer will have you celebrating alongside our farm community.

Style - Gose

ABV - 4.7%

IBU - 12

Lemond Township is just SW of Owatonna, forming a portion of the western border of Steele County. It’s easy to think of Lemond’s rich farmland and lazy summer days as you enjoy the lime flavors of this classic wheat beer.

Style - Marzen

ABV - 6.7%

IBU - 16

Meriden township is one of 13 townships comprising Steele County, located directly west of Owatonna. This marzen/Oktoberfest beer is a fitting link to Meriden, with a nod and celebration of its plentiful harvests and farm traditions.

Style - Porter

ABV - 8.1%

IBU - 29

Built in 1855, the Owatonna Power Plant and its three-story façade, three smokestacks, and signature red neon lettering stand out as a storied local landmark. We wanted to brew a big beer, fitting of this towering landmark, and we feel we’ve done so with the rich, full-bodied flavors in MSB’s Power Plant Porter.

Style - Seltzer

ABV - 5.9%

IBU - 10

Saco Seltzer, a flavored sparkling water named after the Saco Church built in 1891 and moved to the Village of Yesteryear in 1962 where it can still be toured today. This is the Saco Seltzer's 5th flavor offering so far.

Style - Pale Ale

ABV - 6%

IBU - 15

Spring City Fire Department was the name of the original Owatonna fire department back in 1875. The Spring City Pale Ale is a tribute to our friends in the Owatonna Fire Department. Cheers!

Style - New England IPA

ABV - 6.3%

IBU - 68

The healing water of Owatonna’s Mineral Springs makes its way to the Straight River, rolling directly west of MSB’s brewery and taproom. This ‘lazy river’ imagery perfectly aligns with this hazy, citrusy, thirst-quenching IPA.

Style - Sour

ABV - 6.0%

IBU - 20

Dr. Joseph Sweere, Mary, and family gifted Owatonna for more than 50 years through Mary’s ‘Antique Fair’, Joseph’s chiropractic care, and the whole family’s creativity and energy in the arts. Their 1898 Victorian home at the corner of Grove and Broadway is a public exhibit of their talents. In tribute, we share the Sweere Sour!

Style - West Coast IPA

ABV - 6.5%

IBU - 67

The Union Depot station was situated where N/S and E/W tracks intersected, forming the “Famous Diamond”, the most important post-Civil War junction in Minnesota. Originally located just north of Front Street, this elegant structure was restored/relocated, and can still be seen on Eisenhower Drive. Raise a glass to those who arrived in Owatonna through the Depot at the turn of the Century.