Do you have beverage options other than beer?

  • We’re happy to sell Minnesota-made sodas from Northern Soda. We also offer free water. Minnesota taproom brewery licensing doesn’t allow us to sell alcoholic products from other vendors. We sell what we brew, when it comes to alcohol. We’re hoping to have some flavored seltzers on tap very soon, but we first need to nail down our brews.

Can I bring my dog into the brewery?

    • Yes, though we ask that you are mindful of our other guests. We allow all well-behaved dogs on a leash in the taproom. Unfriendly and/or misbehaving dogs will be asked to leave.

Can I book MSB for a private event?

    • Yes. We’re happy to work with you to line up private events outside of our regular hours of operation. Some scheduling limitations exist due to the necessity to maintain our production area during brewing days. We’re flexible re: the terms of these private party arrangements, but we do have minimum sales level expectations for these events. To schedule, please contact Bill Cronin @ 507.213.9295 or bill@mineralspringsbrewery.com.

Do you allow reserving of tables?

    • YNo. To be fair to all customers, we need to leave our tables open on a first-come, first-serve basis. We do offer options for ‘special events’ when not open to the public, so please consider that as an option if you require a certain amount of space.

Can I get some MSB brews to go?

    • Yes. We sell pre-filled growlers, and as well will fill sanitary growler containers from others. We do ask for your patience with those ‘fills’ for growlers you bring in, as taproom operations can get bottle-necked from time-to-time when filling growlers. Your patience is appreciated!

I’d love to work at MSB. How can I apply?

    • Note that we are initially operating mostly with owners and family, as we gain a better understanding of the market’s interest in hours of operation. Shortly after opening, we’ll most certainly be hiring staff to help plant the MSB customer service culture. If you have interest in applying, please contact Bill Cronin @ 507.213.9295 or bill@mineralspringsbrewery.com .

Why is the brewery called Mineral Springs Brewery?

    • Mineral Springs Brewery was first named as such by Tim Pelton, Matt Kottke, and Jon Hilstad with their garage brewing hobby more than 10 years ago. The name is a nod to the ‘healing waters’ from Mineral Springs, that nourished Princess Owatonna back to health many years ago.

Can I bring in my own food or have food delivered?

    • Yes. We welcome customers bring or order appropriate options to have at MSB. Food, yes; alcohol, no (by law). There are a wide variety of local establishments with great catering and delivery in the Owatonna area.

Is your taproom kid/family friendly?

    • Yes. We have a family friendly environment with fun games for everyone to play and a great selection of local craft sodas and snacks.

How long have you been brewing?

    • Our brewmasters, Tim Pelton and Mark Sebring, have been brewing for more than 20 years, though each on a much smaller system than our current MSB configuration. Tim and Mark are enjoying their new setup!