Beer List

  • 507 Brown Ale

    Area code 507 covers the Southern fifth of the state of Minnesota. Our brown ale is slightly nutty, has moderate coffee flavor and finishes with a solid, earthy background, which reminds us of the rich soil found in Southern Minnesota.

  • Cinder Hill Cream Ale

    Cinder Hill is a steep 60 foot hill on Linn Avenue overlooking downtown Owatonna, and is used by local athletes for training. A smooth and refreshing Cream Ale is a perfect taste as you recover from a good workout.

  • Dartts Dark

    Edward Dartt originally developed what is now Darrts Park in the central part of Owatonna, which he termed “Dartts Paradise”. We think “Dartts Paradise” also is a great descriptor for our rich, smooth Porter we’ve named Dartts Dark.

  • Thunderbold IPA (Hoppy)

    Herb Joesting became known as the “Owatonna Thunderbolt” when he was an All-American fullback at the University of Minnesota. This hoppy IPA will give you the hops and energy to thunder down the field toward pay dirt.

  • Kaplan’s Kölsch

    The Kaplan family has been synonymous with success in Owatonna for over 150 years. The crisp, clean old world flavor of Kölsch will take you back in time to revel in those successes.

  • Litomysl Lager

    The proud Czech history of Steele County can be found at the beautiful stone Litomysl church. After tasting this smooth, light pale lager, you will understand why the Czech Republic has the highest beer consumption in the world.

  • Emmett and Phyllis Amber

    Emmett and Phyllis Jacobson built the structure that now houses our brewery. To honor them, we have brewed a deep copper colored beer with a full bodied, more pronounced malty caramel and roasted malt flavor.

  • Straight River IPA

    The healing waters at Mineral Springs flow into the gently rolling waters of the Straight River, running a stone’s throw from our MSB home. This IPA will flow smoothly with our southern MN customers as well.